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If you are looking for window fitters in Canvey or Essex, then look no further than DMD Home Improvements. We provide all types of Windows including Vertical sliders, Flush Sash Windows, Bay Windows and your UPVC windows. Our professional team will help you choose your design in quick supply and install allowing you to get on with your day to day life without major interruption, a smooth high-quality service is important to us here at DMD, and we aim to deliver. If you know the style you want then ask us and we can do our best to match your request.

Areas we cover are

All of South East England - Essex, Suffolk, Kent, Sussex, Cambridge, Hertford, Surrey, Bedford, Oxford, Bucks, Berks, Hampshire.

The cut off Point being Peterborough / Norfolk areas

If you’re not in the above areas please still call if you’re interested and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Nothing can take a house to the very next level better than an appealing set of windows. Yet the issue for many homeowners is that they get trapped in over analysing and deciding which windows are best for their home. But when you choose DMD Home improvements, you can be assured that you will be satisfied with the windows that you receive. Our team of vetted professionals is always here to consult you with your choices, to ensure that you can get the window fitting that is best for you and your home.

And, when you finally decide on the perfect window style for your home renovation, we can quickly and easily install it, without any stress or hassle whatsoever. Never before has it been so incredibly easy for you to get the perfect window design for your home. With a whole range of designs to choose from such as Vertical sliders, flush sash windows, and bay windows, our professional team can help you not just choose the perfect design, but also ensure that it is installed without any significant interruption to your day to day life.

We are proud not only to offer such a wide range of window designs and styles but to do so to such a broad customer base. We cover almost all areas within South East England, including Essex, Suffolk, Kent, Sussex, Cambridge, Hertford, Surrey, Bedford, Oxford, Bucks, Berks, and Hampshire. If you live in an area that isn’t on this list, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we can do our best to help accommodate you.

Why Us?

What separates us from the competition in the industry is our people. Our team of expert professionals is seasoned and proficient in their craft. They are familiar with every nuance in their job and prepared to rise to meet any challenge that they may face. On top of all the necessary training required to perform their job, they also boast years of experience in delivering the most satisfactory results to customers just like you.

We have grown a reputation in the industry for fast, reliable, and affordable home improvement services. It’s a reputation that we have worked hard to create, and one that we are prepared to work just as hard to keep. The reason we can hold this kind of reputation is thanks to our core values of quality, honesty, and integrity within our services.

Our team of experts is wholly dedicated to offering you the smoothest and stress-free window installation experience possible

Every single stage in the process of our services is created with just one thing in mind, and that is you. From the initial consultation to the installation of your new windows, everything is designed to ensure that you can have total peace of mind when you get your new windows installed.

Many people believe that we are in the construction business, but the truth is, we are in the people business. Because what matters more to us than our range of designs and colours is you. It’s your home, your wants and your needs that we care most about. When you place your trust in us as your door installation and replacement providers, you can rest totally assured in knowing that you are receiving the most caring and attentive customer service.


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